Madaarij As-Saalikeen – Zuhud

By Sheikh Abu Adnan

In this lesson, Sheikh discusses the station “Zuhud”.
Allah said, don’t waste your time attaching your heart to the dunya as it will perish, so why are you attaching your heart to something that will not remain forever. Better to attach your heart to Allah and what He has ordered, because it will last forever. This dunya is playing (lahu) and the people strive for wealth and increase in family.

A Zuhud is to abandon anything that will not benefit you in the hereafter.

The meaning of Zuhud is found in Surah Al Hadid Verse 23.

What is the definition of Zuhud according Imam Harawi (Ra)? Zuhud generally means to abandon the desire totally. Ibnul Qayyim said, what is the subject matter that we should have Zuhud in? Abandon anything besides Allah and discard the hearts attachment to it. Zuhud for general people is something that brings them closer to Allah. And for the one who started the journey to Allah, khasya (fear) of losing the closeness to Allah swt. And for the mureed, he can not focus on what he wants unless he leaves other matters.

Zuhud is of three levels:


Zuhud in shubuhat (misconceptions/grey areas) this is the first level to leave the grey areas as the prophet pbuh said. because halal is clear.


And after leaving the haram, leaving shubuhat doesn’t happen until you have left the haram completely. To have in anything excessive than what a person needs, or a person who sticks his nose in peoples business. To stay away from things that doesnt concern you (not really what is meant by the teacher).


You take what you need and you have Zuhud in everything else.


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