Madaarij As-Saalikeen – Wara’

By Sheikh Abu Adnan

In this lesson, Sheikh discusses the station “Wara’ (God fearing / Piety)”.
Ibn Abbas said “Do not dress your Nafs in any disobedience and betrayal”.

Ibn Qayyim said, what is intended in here is to purify the heart from any impurity, as the water purifies the thobe from impurities. also to stay away from the grey areas according to many Ulamah.

The Prophet (pbuh) encaptured the entire topic in one hadith:

“Part of the perfection of one’s Islam is his leaving that which does not concern him.” [Tirmidhi]

When you start to delve into things that do not concern you, you will feel it on your heart and they will affect you. This includes talking, looking, listening and to walk towards things that don’t concern you. From the perfection of islam is to leave it.

The Prophet (pbuh) said to Abu Hurayrah, if you have Wara’ you will be from the best of worshipers of all of people.

Al Wara’ is the first step to Zuhud.

Al Hasan al Basri said, an atoms weight of Wara’ is better than a 1000 atoms of fasting and other worship. This is because once you perfect Wara’ you will have a pure heart and your worship will be more accepted.


Tawaki – to put a veil/shield between you and the fire. Ibn Qayyim said about this that the person could have tawaki as a result of purification his/her nafs.

One of the motivators for Wara’, is you have shyness of the greatness of Allah. Imam Harawi said once you reached the highest level of Zuhud, you know that you have Wara’, but for the traveller, Wara’ is the first level of Zuhud.

Different levels of Wara’

To stay away from derogatory acts, to protect the nafs, to save lots of hasanat and to protect, preserve & repair your Iman.

To preserve your limits. To remain on piety and to raise from the lowness and purifying yourself from transgressing the hudood (limits). Ibn Qayyim said that the scholars would say the second level is to stop doing a lot of the Mubah. Fearing that the heart will become tainted.

To have Wara’ to every call that calls you to waste your time. You stay away from whatever call that can distract you, eg phone leads to youtube/facebook, tv leads to watching episodes, fishing leads to wasting lots of time trying to catch fish.


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