About The Sheikh



Shaykh Abu Adnan, Mohamed Kamoun, originally from Lebanon and is currently residing in Sydney, Australia.

Shaykh Abu Adnan has an ijaaza in the Quran, a Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies and the Arabic Language, graduating with a high distinction and he has also completed a Masters in ‘Islamic Judicature and Political Theory’ at The AlMedinah International University, also graduating with a high distinction (GPA of 3.9/4).

Sheikh Abu Adnan is the director and Khatib at Markaz Imam Ahmad in Liverpool, Sydney.

* Ijaaza of the Quran.
* Ijaaza in Bukhari
* Ijaaza In Umdatul Fiqh (Hanbali Madhab)
* Bachelor of Islamic Studies & the Arabic Language.
* Masters in Islamic Judicature and Political Theory – AlMadinah International University.