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Hajj and ‘Umrah are mandatory on the free sane adult Muslim, once in a lifetime, if he can afford the means to do it. And affording it means that he has sustenance and a mount and what is necessary for them that would suit someone like him; and that is […]

Umdatul Fiqh-Hajj (Pilgrimage)

Fasting in Ramadan is mandatory upon every sane adult Muslim who is capable of fasting. A child should be ordered to fast when he can tolerate it. Fasting becomes mandatory upon the occurrence of one of the following three things: the completion of thirty days of Sha’ban, the sighting of […]

Umdatul Fiqh – Sawm (Fasting)

Food is of two kids: animal and non-animal. As for non-animal foods, all of them are permissible, except those that are dirty or harmful, like poison. All beverage are permissible, except those that are intoxicating, for they are unlawful in any quantity, small or great, and whatever they consist, because […]

Umdatul Fiqh-Food & Sacrifice

Zakah is one of the five pillars of Islam and is a duty performed on a regular basis. Zakat is obligatory upon every free Muslim who has complete ownership of the nisaab (Zakat threshold). It is a contribution paid once a year on savings of two and a half percent. […]

Umdatul Fiqh – Zakah

This unit tackles a serious topic that concerns every Muslim. Learning the rulings of funerals helps one avoid falling into the many acts innovated in the ceremonies of the funeral and explains what should be done with the deceased from their death till being buried. It further highlights some other rulings […]

Umdatul Fiqh-Janaza (Funeral)

Salat (prayer) is the greatest and most important of the devotional deeds. This is asserted by the Prophet (peace be upon him) as he said, “… and know that the best of your deeds is the Salat” . It is offered five times a day and is mandatory upon every Muslim […]

Umdatul Fiqh-Salaah (Prayer)

Purification is the key to prayer which is the main pillar of the religion, and this is why the books of fiqh are begun with this topic being a precondition for the validity of prayer. Purification should be maintained both inwardly and outwardly, and the present study covers the latter. […]

Umdatul Fiqh-Tahaarah (Purification)